BSP/UAV Detection system

Terra Hexen is a Business Partner of the manufacturer of the CTRL+SKY system, the Advanced Protection Systems company, and represents it on numerous markets around the world.

CTRL+SKY is a cutting-edge system for detection and neutralisation of drones entering a restricted airspace. CTRL+SKY is the only system in the world that takes advantage of:

• Modular and fully configurable 3D radar sensor,
• Radar tracking bases on MHT (Multi Hypothesis Tracking) algorithms
• RF sensor that enables including any drone on the so-called white list
• Fully integrated and automated directional or omnidirectional jammer for neutralisation of drones
• MIMO radar technologies that help improve detection accuracy
• Acoustic sensor that enables determining the direction from which the drones are approaching
• Dedicated web application for controlling the system
The handheld drone detector and neutralizer is a state-of-the-art system designed to combat hostile unmanned flying systems including those with FPV technology.

The detector detects an approaching object from as low as 3km and alerts the operator with an alarm, who decides whether to jam the waves on which the drone is moving.

The range of possibilities to jam the waves of an enemy drone varies from 800MHz-6GHz
Detect all the commercial and hobby drones. Can track multiple objects at the same time. Operates in all kinds of weather conditions. Specifies accurately the drone’s position (distance, height, direction). The sensor is available in version with various ranges of operation (from 300 m to 2 km).

Instrumental range 50 km
Minimum detection range 1 m

Maximum detection ranges
Micro UAVS - RCS 0.01 m2 - 5 km
Pedestrian - RCS 0.5 m2 - 7 km
Light vehicle - RCS 2.0 m2 - 12 km
Boat - RCS 5.0 m2 - 15 km
Low level helicopter - RCS 5.0 m2 - 15 km

Range accuracy/range resolution - 3m/10m
Minimum/maximum target altitude - 1m - 50 km
Coverage, azimuth/elevation 90 degrees/30 degrees
Bandwidth - X-band
Technology -AESA/MIMO

Visual confirmation of drone detection. 360-degrees rotation range. Camera turns automatically to the bearing selected after detecting a drone. For close range, differentiation of drones from other objects. 30x zoom enabling observation of objects located even 700 m away FullHD image quality.
Does not require direct line of sight to the object in order to work correctly. Locate the source of sounds within a 3D space. Classifies objects (recognised whether the object is a drone or a different sound source). Range within the radius of up to 200 m. Efficient detection irrespective of the time of day
Simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface. Access to the system from a computer or a mobile device. Display of system status in a web application. Text message (SMS) notifications, e-mail notifications, and system alerts (visual and acoustic). Registration of incidents in an archive
Excellent availability. Very early warning of a drone appearing nearby. Excellent functioning, even in difficult urban areas. Detection of the drone and the control station (drone operator). Enables including any drone on the so-called white list.
Unmatched quality of system functioning thanks to application of multi-sensor approach:

• Operation in all kinds of weather conditions, both during the day and at night
• Best price to quality ratio on the market
• Possibility of purchasing or leasing the system
• Detection of autonomous drones (with deactivated RF communication)
• Accurate determination of drone position and speed
The stationary system is intended for permanent protection of a given area. In contrast to the mobile version, the structure of Ctrl+Sky Stationary is based on a high stable mast installed at the location that is optimal for correct functioning of the system.

In the stationary version there are applied different camera types depending on the needs of the recipient. There can also be employed the cameras that are already present within a given infrastructure.

Ctrl+Sky Stationary is also equipped with a box server intended for processing data and managing the whole system, making sure that the data coming from individual sensors is combined.

The box server can be located within the distance of even up to 100 metres from the mast.
A portable Ctrl+Sky system for detection and neutralisation of drones, installed on a vehicle. It is intended for protecting mass events, borders and other open spaces from improper or criminal use of drones, both during the day and at night, in any weather conditions.

The system ensures the so-called umbrella protection, without any dead zones, and enables efficient detection of even small drones within the distance of even up to 2000 metres, while at the same time minimising the number of false alarms.
The portable version is characterised, first of all, by the possibility of quick relocation and quick assembly of the system at the target location.

Instead of using a mast, the system is installed with the use of a lightweight and functional tripod. Thanks to that, Ctrl+Sky Portable is able to protect selected areas during a specific, limited time, e.g. during special events and gatherings, such as marathons, parades and election rallies.

Ctrl+Sky Portable is fitted with a so-called “battery pack”, enabling temporary power supply to the system in the event of lack of access to a power grid.
We offer state-of-the-art neutralization systems.
Our offer includes two solutions
1. directional detection and neutralization system SHH100
2. directional neutralizer SP100 (without detection function)

Extremely effective, modern and advanced solutions for directional detection of drones in the air and their simultaneous neutralization, by blocking communication with the operator or satellite navigation.

UAV detection up to 2 km!
Neutralization up to 3 km!

The system operates in bands from 400 MHz to 6 GHz

The devices are available in an optimized mobile version that operates on the principle of a traditional targeting weapon. The system allows to interfere with radio transmission between the drone and the operator, as well as GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou signals.

It also works on FPV drones