When the detectors sense appearance of a drone within a restricted space, it is the time to decide how to further handle such a situation. The solutions that we suggest is jamming the intruder using the special Drone Defense Gun jammer, one of the cutting-edge jammers used around the world. The operator points the DDG at the object and presses a button that sends a signal of the frequency selected, “blinding” the drone. This sends the drone into emergency mode, forcing it to land vertically at the location where it was jammed or to perform emergency return to the operator DDG jams efficiently the frequencies such as: 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou.

Our offer includes also an omnidirectional jammer that jams all the radio signals within the whole 360 degrees.
DBS is a sophisticated electronic counter-measure system (JAMMER). Embedded in a ruggedized case that allows its installation on either a fixed or a mobile platform, the DBS system can operate in almost any location and platform type, as well as under severe weather conditions, in order to jam / block different RF signals. DBS features several configurations, which allow for the jamming / interfering: Drones (micro e mini) communication means, cellular phones and RCIED.

The configuration of the system is linked with the output power and operation frequency, as required in the specific mission that will be executed. The DBS features up to six fully independent channels, capable of operating simultaneously without the need to "jump" between bands. Each channel has the ability to sweep rapidly over a predefined bandwidth, in order to ensure the maximum power in each frequency used in this band.